DSC_0081I’m a coastal girl through and through.   I set my compass by the ocean.  The sea is part of my being.  Salt water is in my veins, and I’m most at peace when I can smell the ocean air, and feel the breeze off the water.

The few times I’ve been away from the sea, I feel lost.  Rudderless. Like I can’t locate my center.  I can’t be landlocked, I need to have access to open water.

There’s a part of me that truly believes that I need that exit strategy.  That escape.  That if the aliens come, or armageddon is upon us, my one chance for survival will be the sea.  That when the ships come to save mankind, I’ll be right there ready for the rescue.

Strikes me that, maybe, it’s more than an irrational fear, maybe it’s an allegory, philosophical musings finding shape in my neuroses.  When I’m landlocked, I’m trapped.  There’s no options, no escapes.  That feeling of dread and anxiety is no different than the feeling i get when life starts to move in on me.

Having options, choice, a plan b is powerful and empowering.  You don’t realize how stuck you are until you can turn away from your situation.  Until you can look out upon the horizon and see the opportunities ahead of you.  Move away from the interior, get yourself to the edge of it all and look towards the sea and your limitless possibilities.

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