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DSC_0177It finally happened.  My perfect eight and a half year undefeated wrestling record finally went down.  After, eight and a half years of telling the boys to aim low, they finally aimed low.  And, it didn’t happen just once.  They totally have my number.  Xavier grabs my legs around the knees; Jalen pushes me in the stomach, and I go down like a sack of potatoes (to the general amusement of my children).  I finally had to tell them to stop once I realized that, when I broke my wrist, I’d have to tell the ER doctors how it happened.  No thanks!

Teamwork.  We stress teamwork in our family.  It’s the Weatherhead Family Co-op.  We share everything, we make decisions together, we work as a team.  The boys share their toys and their books and their movies.  When one of them misbehaves, they often both have consequences because they are often responsible for each other’s behavior.  When Jalen punches Xavier, it’s rarely in a vacuum… Xav usually did something to deserve it, and vise versa.

They’re learning to take care of each other, to be responsible for each other, to help each other out.  There’s nothing that warms my heart more than watching Xav help his little brother off the merry-go-round horses, or watching them grab each other’s hands when they’re in line for a ride at the fair.  We try to teach them that they’re stronger as a unit, that they’re better as a whole then as separate parts.

Do they resent the responsibility?  Not yet.  They know that their most important job is to take care of each other.

But, they do cherish their alone time with us.  Jalen likes going to the zoo without Xavier, because he can do it at his speed.  Xavier likes walking home from school without Jalen, because he can hold my hand and doesn’t have to look out for the slow poke behind him.  They have their own sense of independence and individuality.  They like different things and have different strengths.

But, they understand that they do work better as a team.  That they can accomplish more working together than apart.  That their games are better, their schemes are wiser, their plots are sneakier.  That together they can conquer whatever they put their mind to, starting with their mom, and then maybe the world.

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