Why I Won’t be Getting Dressed Today

Photo on 11-7-13 at 9.19 AMIt’s been decided.  I won’t be getting dressed today.  I won’t take a shower, I won’t do my hair, I won’t put on makeup, and I certainly won’t be putting on a bra.  I will be dropping my children off in my pajamas and my slippers, I might not even bother putting my hair up in a ponytail.  I’ll shuffle into Dunkin Donuts and buy a large coffee with milk and sugar because it’s way to much work to make it myself.  Because, when I get home, I will lay on my couch with that cup of coffee and my remote control and watch five hours of talk shows and HGTV.

Why?  Because, why not?  Because, although I have plenty to do, it can wait til tomorrow.  Because, the kitchen floor could certainly be mopped but no one will die if it’s not.  Because, the curriculums and proposals aren’t going to write themselves, but I won’t be writing them today either.  Because, five hours without phone and e-mail and children and husband sounds perfectly blissful.  Because I deserve it.

I deserve a day off.  No one’s is going to give it to me, I’ll have to take it by force.  I’m making the conscience effort to take a day for myself.  A full day that doesn’t include Trader Joe’s for cereal, and then Whole Foods for turkey, and then Target for paper towels.  A full day with no conference calls, or sitting on hold, or calling back later.  No research, no reading, no writing, no formatting.  And, most luxuriously, a full day of not doing things for everyone else.  No picking up the dry cleaning, or buying school pants, or baking treats.

The shopping list that my children were so kind to create (cheetos, cool ranch doritos, goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, cinnamon toast crunch) won’t be completed today.  And, if the boy forgets his back pack… again,  I won’t be bringing it to him.  And, they won’t be getting fresh sliced challah sandwiches with two pieces ham and one turkey.  They can eat whatever the cafeteria wants to give them.  And, it’s okay if the leaves are piling up outside and the Halloween decorations are still hanging on the porch.  And, for one more day, I can put off the looming Thanksgivukkah extravaganza.

Because every once in a while, after months of forging ahead.  After working every day and getting it all done.  After baking from scratch and having all the ingredients.  After eating whole and training hard.  After trying to be everything for everyone.  It’s time to take one day just for me.  So, today, I won’t be getting dressed today, and we’ll all just have to deal with it.

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