In Defense of Winter

553445_10201879651327933_966316419_nFor all you folk who threaten to move South every winter.  For all you folk who forget how to drive the second snow begins to fly.  For all you folk who sit with their teeth chattering without a hat or gloves.  Why I like winter, and why you kinda’ like it too.

1. Hats and Mittens and Scarfs – Accessories are the best.  And there are no accessories in the summer.  Nothing is better than a new hat or buying that new pair of gloves that you absolutely need.  Scarfs are amazing!  The bigger the better, wearing them all day is fabulous, tucking your chin into your scarf as you sit at your computer makes you think better, or at least look cuter.

2. Hot Coffee, Chai, and Cocoa – No one wants to drink coffee when it’s 90 degrees out.  But wrapping your fingers around a hot cuppa’ is one of the best feelings ever.

3. Brown liquor – Ooooohhhhh Bourbon….  How I love you.  And how fancy do you look at the bar with the dark drink in your hand.

4. Boots – I ache for my boots in the summer.  I have a love affair with my boots.  I lament the first warm day when the boots go into the back of the closet.  I feel bad for you if you never have the chance to open up a new box of big hulking boots.  The bigger the better: rated for -40, waterproof, filled with high tech materials, with fur and rubber and leather, and stuffing.  Love ’em!

5. Knitting – Your hands feel warmer when you knit.  I love the feeling of rolling up a new ball of yarn and embarking upon a new project.  I love watching the pattern develop, and the calm monotony of knitting and purling.  And, I love the joy of sharing a finished product.

6.  Winter Workouts – I hate sweat.  Sweat is gross.  When you work out in the winter, you don’t have to worry about sweat.  And, everything becomes a workout.  Shoveling the snow, climbing up a hill with a sled, trekking across a snowy field.  A whole new world of activity is opened up in the winter.

7.  Cuddling – The feeling of piling up under a warm blanket, with legs all askew is pure heaven.  And, to have my active, grown up boys, want to sit on my lap and sidle up to my side is so good for my soul.

8. Layers – If one shirt is good.  Four shirts are better.  Tweed, and tights, and socks, and thermals and cashmere and leather.  All fabulous and incredible when all put together.  And the ritual of pulling off the layers bit by bit as your body defrosts is one of the bests things about warming up.

9.  Lower Expectations – When the weather is warm you feel like you need to “do” stuff.  In the winter it’s enough to get out of bed, go to the supermarket, defrost your windshield.  Everything’s a major accomplishment, and no one’s afraid to crow to their friends about how they salted their walk today.  Amazing!  You are a ROCK STAR!

10.  A Fresh Layer of Snow – There is no better feeling than waking up, looking out the window, and seeing that fresh layer of snow.  You’re immediately a kid again.  That first moment, before you think about the ice on the roads, and shoveling out your spot.  That first moment of newness and freshness and innocence in beautiful.

11. Sledding – Sledding is fun.  Sledding is really, really fun.  And, you forget the feeling of flying down a hill, turning into the curve, going further than anyone else.  Sledding is always a win.

12. That First Warm Day – You need the cold to appreciate the warm.  The joy of that first warm day, when you can sit on the lawn, next to that lingering pile of snow…. aaaaaahhhh.  The pride at knowing you made it through one more winter.  The day you unwrap those pasty, sun-starved legs and let them warm under the rays.  Pure joy.

5 thoughts on “In Defense of Winter

  1. I couldn’t agree more! When I was home for Thanksgiving this November, it snowed and I was in heaven…from scraping the windshield, to long underwear under my pants, to lots of tea and lots of soup. And I can’t begin to describe how about that scarf life I am!

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