Just a Lil’ Bit

photoThis was one of those weeks.  A week where everything would have been so much better if everything was just a lil’ bit easier.  If only there was parking in front of X’s school on that rainy day.  If only there were grapes at Trader Joes.  If only I had one coffee filter instead of a paper towel.  If only I had packed a shirt for the gym.  If only everything was just slightly easier my life would be infinitely improved.

The ripple effect that’s caused by slight inconveniences can start to feel catastrophic.  Where no pita at the supermarket, leads to having to shuffle your schedule to go to a different market, that leads to getting stuck behind that trash truck, that leads to being late for that meeting, that leads to you feeling like shit about your life.  Damn, that craving for a sandwich in a pocket!!

But, is it the little hiccups that spiral out of control, or is it how we look at these stumbling blocks.  Because on the flip side, things aren’t really all that bad.  Thank god I have a car and the time that allows me to run around town hitting up three different supermarkets.  Thank god there’s meetings to be late to.  Thank god there’s responsibilities and duties and friends that fill up my life with passion and love every day.

And, then I wake up this morning, and the kids get out of the house with no drama.  And Xavier tells me he thinks I’m funny.  And there’s parking right in front of the bakery and I have quarters for the meter.  And I get to have a cup of coffee with a lovely new contact.  And things all of the sudden don’t look so bad any longer.  All of the sudden the little things are going my way, and it just feels like smooth sailing.  For just a lil’ bit.

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