One Year Later

photoAbout three years ago, a dear friend told he was going to start blogging.  “I’ll read a book a week and then blog about it for 52 weeks.  You should start blogging too.”  I laughed.  I laughed really hard.

“Sure, I’ll blog,” I said. “It’ll be called 52 Reasons Why I Don’t Have Time to Blog.  This is what I’ll write…  My four year old has worms and I have to pick up the prescription; A city bus broke down in Brigham Circle and I sat behind it for 73 minutes; a freshman told her science teacher to F off.”

But, check it out.  Fifty-two weeks later and I found time to blog.  Every. Single. Week.  And, I had something to share, and something to say.  It wasn’t always easy.  Some weeks I had no clue, some weeks I pressed delete and started all over, some weeks tears rolled down my cheeks the whole time I typed.  But, I did it.  Every thursday, no matter where I was, I took a moment to write it all down.

The lesson is one about time.  And priorities.  And commitment.  That, if you put your mind to something, no matter how daunting, you can accomplish what you set out to do.  That it’s important to make time for your own endeavors.  That you shouldn’t use your kids, your job, your mood, as an excuse to not reach your goals.

This has been a good year.  Dare  I say, a great year.  There were moments, definite moments, when it didn’t feel so great.  But, when I look back on the pictures, and the experiences, and the writing, I’m amazed by how much has changed.  And how happy I am.  How much I’ve grown, and how much I’ve learned about myself.

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