Fast Forward

IMG_1250You know those days when you look up at your clock, notice the time, and realize that the day is almost over?  Those “don’t have time to pee” days?  Those days when you drive home so hangry (hungry-angry) that you can’t see straight?  I know those days.

And, when I embarked upon Life 2.0 I promised myself that I wouldn’t have those days any longer.  That I’d manage my responsibilities better, that I’d delegate well, that I’d say “no” more and be more reasonable in my expectations.  I was doing well.  Really, really well, and then this week snuck up on me.  And, I found myself scheduling meetings on top of meetings, and taking phone calls while I picked up the kids, and checking e-mails in the car in between appointments.

I forgot how much I hated that feeling.  The scrambling for a pen, racing heart rate, “wish I could chat, but I have to go” feeling.  And, sometimes it’s unavoidable.  Working mom, two kids, PTO, staying healthy, can be very time consuming.  But, sometimes we need to step back and figure out how to restart at a better speed.

I’m trying again today.  I woke up a little bit earlier.  I made 30 minutes for myself today, to run by the ocean.  I took the time to walk with my son to school this morning.  I committed to drinking a full cup of coffee (while it was still hot). I took care of small things when they cropped up, didn’t put them off and let them pile up.  I’ll make myself a proper lunch.  And, I’ll put off things that are non-essential for later.

Most importantly, I’ll breath.  Between each task, whether big or small, I’ll take a moment to breath and check in with myself.  And, if it all doesn’t get done, I’ll let myself off the hook, and I’ll try again tomorrow.

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