My Bubbie 

My Bubbie was the toughest lady I knew. The quintessential “Working Girl”, she was always polished, put together, and professional. I remember visiting her at the fine jewelry counter of Jordan Marsh and admiring how everyone knew her and respected her tastes and opinions.  
She was my model for an outspoken woman. She taught me how to stand up for myself and have strong opinions. She was incredibly loyal and held her loved one’s to the highest of standards. She ran her household, and the rest of us, even Zayde had to follow her rules. And she thought we were all wonderful, absolutely perfect in our own way.
She taught me everything about being Jewish, not the religious piece but the cultural piece. How to love the food (the stuff only we could like): the borscht, and the salmon croquettes, the chopped liver, the herring, and the tongue (even the tongue). How to act like a mensch, how to put your family first, and how to have pride for your community.
I’m a lot like her. Not that I would have loved to admit it when I was younger; but I am. She was the original “tough broad,” a feminist before there were feminists. And every time I express my opinion, I’ll think of her.
Bub loved fiercely, and many of you were witness to this. I remember during my “vegetarian” phase she never neglected to let me know how annoyed she was by my big grandiose statement. She thought it was foolish and that I’d surely waste away. And, yet, every family meal and every time I came to visit,she had a big dish of kashi and varnishkes waiting for me. She wasn’t going to agree with me, but she certainly wasn’t going to let me starve. She loved me too much. 
But, when we finally gave her great-grandkids she had no problem sharing how she felt about them. Now she had no problem telling everyone about her heart. Xavier, Brielle, Jalen and Tahlia she told you every day how much she loved you, and how absolutely beautiful she thought you were. And in the last few years as her memory began to fade there was one thing that she never forgot. She remembered how much she loved each of us and told us all the time. 


One thought on “My Bubbie 

  1. A beautiful tribute to your Bubby. She was unique and very special to all who had the privilege to know her. We miss her.

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